A must read for the 21st Century
Front cover of 'How to Save the Planet from Your Bathtub' by Jean McDonald-Smith
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Welcome to the official website How to Save the Planet from Your Bathtub  If you have ever thought about the impact harmful chemicals are having on your body and the planet... How to Save the Planet from Your Bathtub reveals a startlingly accurate account of changes occurring worldwide. It has been hailed as a body of work bound to affect the way we shop, how we choose products for use in the home, and on our bodies. Jean McDonald-Smith is the founder of the Eco-Homes health and lifestyle model, which has a multi-million dollar annual turnover and spans the globe. As an author, speaker and health advocate, Jean educates people on how to have a better quality of life while also doing their 'eco-bit' for the future. Learn the transparent truth every parent should know about choices which will echo far in the future. A must read for the 21st Century.
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